Tatras are smaller Alps. Smaller in a sense that there are no epic approaches to reach an attractive wall, no problems with acclimatization but simultaneously Tatras’ alpine character delivers the fun of serious winter climbing. It’s a fantastic place for ski touring or off-piste skiing, full of granite peaks, offering some nice ice climbing.  What makes Tatras unique is a special kind of mixed climbing resembling to Scottish conditions.

The combination of these friendly conditions and mixed specific makes Tatras the best place to practice winter climbing. It enables to learn everything to become a seasoned winter climber – how to protect in a a demanding terrain and how to climb in mixed. The unique attraction is climbing in frozen grass, not to be mistaken with anything else in the climbing universe.

All these factors had an impact on climbing generation of ‘70 and ’80 caring the characters of the Polish climbers that reached Himalaya and conquered their first peaks in winter.

If you’ve already tried to climb in summer and would like to start your adventure with winter climbing – feel free to visit Tatras. I will introduce you to the world of ice, mixed and grass climbing. Peaky summits, ridges, shorter and long walls are awaiting.

Tatras are a real jewel and I am eager to show you all their facets.


I offer help in choosing equipment for winter climbing. I have a bit for those who don’t have it (ice-axes, crampons, helmets).


A price for winter climbing day with a guide is defined by aim’s difficulty and length.

A guide can lead 1 or 2 participants during the climb – depends on it’s character.